Content Is


Articles have been known to be the driving force in driving traffic to a website. Articles are a factor in giving site high rankings in search result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie he gets. With a huge number in traffic flow, there are more profits and more potential for other income generating schemes as well.

But, it is not just about stuffing your site with articles; they have certain requirements as well.

SEO Strategies

Today WebPages must compete for survival just like animals in the wild. Natural selection isn’t just a concept limited to Mother Nature. Even in the world of cyberspace there is a “law of the jungle”. Search engine optimization or (SEO) lies at the core of this law. Many skills must be mastered to rise to the top.

Keywords are extremely important because they act as a marker for search engines. Keywords can be placed anywhere on a website. Besides being noticed they must be carefully selected.

Content is the second factor here. Beyond the obvious fact that the content of your site is what people are going to read when they get to your site the content is the larger aspect of keywords. The keywords may be the specific point that a search may target but the better your content in both amount but quality the easier it will be to place your keywords. Imbedding keywords in content is one way to get them spotted by search engines but good content will force you to have good keywords. As it has been said the best way to hide something is in plain sight.

Weekly Content That Ranks

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