Content Writers – Article Package

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Professionally writing content for your website page or blog post. Adding new content to your website is one of the main keys to seo, it highlights to search engines you are still active and can really push your online visibility.

On checkout please add in the NOTES:
1) Article Subject
2) Keywords
3) Any links you need (your website or others)
4) Additional notes about the content we need to know about



Order content for your website to place on your website yourself. This is a great way to increase visibility, engage users and provide information. The content will be yours to use as needed included on social, blogs, pages and stories.

Think of Seo and Content like this…. we will take Facebook as an example, when you ‘Post’ on facebook its high on the timeline for you and your friends, over time your post will slowly start to go down the list (due to no activity or others posting their posts), if you suddenly had a few likes and shares on your post then it goes back up to the top until it looses interest then filters down again.

when you add content to your website you are providing content for ‘Googles Customers’ (after all, they are googles customers, not yours! please remember this!), the link in google is fresh and can generate traffic but as time goes on the link will slowly get further away in the list because its either not generating enough interest or consistent interest or others are adding their articles to their websites. Then, you add another article to your website, the same process starts again, you keep doing this and it will raise your Domain Stats with enough clicks and you will naturally end up higher on the list.

Adding articles to your website is NOT a ‘ONE-OFF’ task, it is consistent! consistency is key!
even if you do 1 a month, its 1 more than you are doing now! start today before its too late!


If the content is king, quality is the army. A king with a weak army is vulnerable while a strong army strengthens the king reign. Plus, Google and other search engines have developed a new found love for the quality of the content. One way of creating quality content is to write for your audience and not for the search engines.

We can do this for you with our on-hand content writers. Purchase the package you would like that sits within your budget or for the amount you need and we will professionally write your content for you.

A minimum of 400 words is needed (technically 300 but this could rise soon so we say 400) to be noticed by search engine bots.

Once we have written your content we will send it to you via email.

If you have a WordPress website, we have our own custom plugin to install and will automatically be added to your website for you (on any ongoing plan, please speak to us)

We can create one-off articles for you or speak to us if you would like an on-going plan of your choice (1 a month, 2 a month, 1 a week and more available)