How to Improve Your Presence on Google: Mobile Friendliness

On July 2018, Google announced that mobile page experience and speed will, from then on, be used as a search ranking factor. This move was prompted by the increased use of mobile phones in search, purchases, video streaming, and much more.

Optimizing for mobile has become a necessity rather than an option. Sites that are not mobile- optimized run the risk of lagging behind in terms of SEO. Optimizing for mobile means the following:

  • Responsive website that enables resizing to fit the device.
  • Navigability and accessibility with menus and other buttons easy to tap.
  • Readability of content
  • Lesser, if not absence, of intrusive ads.

Striving to increase your mobile conversion rate is necessary for ranking. The conversion rate for mobile is often influenced and improved by:

  • Improving Site Design for all devices.
  • The use of attractive images
  • Enabling Autocomplete
  • Using Urgency
  • Opt-ins, especially for Mobile Use
  • Good videos and other forms of content and using CTAs
  • Convenient shopping, checking out and payment for Ecommerce sites