5 free Google tools that improve SEO

SEO seems like a long, challenging, and expensive affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Google has a wide variety of free tools that can be used by both professionals and amateurs in website optimisation. If you are on a tight budget, here are some valuable tools that will help boost your rankings.

Google Keyword Planner

Using the right keywords goes a long way in ensuring that your website appears on SERPs. If you are unsure of what keywords to use, Google Keyword Planner can help. It was initially designed to help advertisers understand what words customers use when searching for products or services similar to theirs, but it has also been of great help to content marketers. As with any other tool, you will need a lot of practice to understand how it works, so get experimenting!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a breakdown of your website’s performance. It will answer any questions you have about who is coming to your website, how long they stay, which search queries bring them there, etc. Having this kind of information at your disposal will help you see which areas of your website need improving and help you create more curated content for your audience.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

In 2015, Google announced that it would be introducing mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. By running your site through this tool, you can quickly determine if it is mobile-friendly or not. Google Mobile-Friendly Test also provides you with the required conditions, allowing you to make the necessary changes if your site fails the test.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google is very diligent in user experience. If you want to rank higher on Google, you must ensure that your site is user friendly. One effective way to do this is by increasing the speed of your site. Google PageSpeed Insights allows you to check how fast your website loads on mobile devices and desktops. From the results, it will give you recommendations on how to boost speed for optimum performance.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a fantastic tool for anyone trying to capitalise on local SEO. It allows you to provide potential customers with extra information about your business, such as contact information, working hours, physical location, etc. Customers can also leave reviews, which are very helpful in attracting new clientele.

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