3 SEO trends we might see in 2021

While 2020 has been a trying year for most people, it has also seemed to fly past. That means we are now looking ahead to 2021 and what it means for those using search marketing. For business owners, now is the time to review your progress to see where improvements can be made, particularly with regards to SEO, which is hugely important to generating new leads and traffic online. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the expected trends in search engine optimisation for the coming year, to help give you a head start.

1. Voice search could play a bigger role

Voice search is nothing new for businesses, as virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or devices like Amazon’s Alexa have been around for a little while now. This tech has improved massively over time, become cheaper and been integrated into smartphones, which has in turn seen more people begin to use it. Many at the forefront of online marketing and SEO therefore believe voice searches will be a big trend in the new year, as more consumers begin to prefer searching online in this way but also due to the increasing number of people working from home with access to these devices. If you haven’t yet begun to optimise for voice searches on your site, now is the ideal time, focusing on keywords people might actually say.

2. Mobile friendliness to make more impact

As with voice search, the emphasis on making your site mobile friendly for SEO purposes is nothing new. It does look like this will become a huge trend in 2021 though. With around 73% of people pegged to search on their mobile devices by 2025, this trend looks likely to be seen more in the coming 12 months. With this in mind, it is key to optimise your website for mobile devices and ensure mobile users get a top-class experience when visiting.

3. Greater importance on secondary keywords

Everyone involved in SEO knows how vital primary keywords are. A trend many expect to see in 2021 though is the importance of secondary keywords growing. This belief has come from the fact that Google now looks at the context of any search and what the search intent may be when indexing results. For business owners, this means that using secondary keywords which logically relate to primary ones could be a big trend for the new year.

SEO trends in 2021 to think about

Of course, it is always hard to predict where this industry might head over the next 12 months. The above trends though are gaining traction and developing all the time, so they are set to an impact as we move into 2021. If you need expert help to make them part of your overall SEO plan, why not drop Healy Web Design a message today?